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Surg Protect Plans

​Learn how SurgIT can best support and service all of the technology in your household.


Surg Protect +


Our premium yearly plan provides you with amazing perks, including but not limited too, included & discounted services, phone protection plans at no cost to you, bi-weekly lessons, and more! 

Surg Protect


Surg Protect offers a variety of different perks and discounts built in. Including limited included services, discounts services, free consultations, phone protection plan at no cost to you, monthly lessons, and more!

SurgIT Business

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SurgIT for business has most of the same perks as our regular Surg Protect Plus plan has to offer, but as a customer quoted rated made specifically for your business and your specific needs.

Receive included or discounted Anti-Virus and monitoring with Surg Protect.
Wanting to learn more about technology? Receive included lessons with a SurgIT Certified Agent where you get time dedicated to you to help you learn more about how to use your technology. 
Receive device protection at no cost to you with any of our Surg Protect plans. These plans include protection from accidental damage, all with a $0 deductible!
Discounted & included services are the foundation that our Surg Protect plans are built off of. Rewarding you for being a loyal customer, you will receive services at no cost to you! 

Perks & Discounts Created to Save You Money

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Get a Free 30-minute Consultation with a SurgIT Certified Technician

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