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Next Gen Wireless

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Pre-paid Plans

Want to keep it simple? We can do that too! Get a smart phone for as little as $60, plus get service starting at only $5/month.
Upgrade to next generation wireless with 5G phones, and the plans/service to back up your phone. Giving you the best connection, at the best price!
Purchase phones through SurgIT that work with any and all carriers nation wide. This means you can switch carriers and use the same phone with SurgIT!
With our partnerships with big cellular, we are able to offer a variety of plan options to best fit you, your location, and your data limit needs. 

Schedule an appointment today to see how we can save you money on your phone bill.

Not getting good connect in your home? Get a signal booster to bring the connection from outside your home inside.
Going on the road and need better cellular connection in your truck, vehicle, or RV? Get a vehicle cellular booster today to get you better connection on the go.
Need a cellular tablet? SurgIT has got that too! We can help you pick out and setup the perfect tablet for your cellular needs.
Protect your phone with a new screen protector and case today. A case and screen protector can prevent damage and save you money! 

Schedule an appointment today to see how we can save you money on your phone bill.

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