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SurgIT was founded in 2020 by Payton Marshall out of his house in La Motte Iowa. Later in 2021 Quentyn Hoeger came on board and partnered with Payton to bring SurgIT to the next level by opening their first store location in Dyersville Iowa, where Quentyn grew up. 

After a successful first year in business the duo decided to take a leap of faith by opening a second store location in Bellevue Iowa, where Payton grew up. Later expanding to a third location in Monticello Iowa to spread their reach to more and more communities across Iowa. 

We are always looking to expand our reach and support more and more communities as we start our nation wide repair program. Coming soon...

Our Story


We work on the technology you use everyday, so being accountable is our number one priority. Getting projects done on time, and within your schedule is very important to us.


We will always be honest and up-front with you about what is going on and how we think we can best assist you.


We understand that when it comes to getting things repaired it can be confusing and overwhelming. We strive to be transparent about the entire process.

Our Values

We do things in a very unique and special way, and that is by offering continued and persistent service to the best of our ability, beyond the service we are providing.


What does that mean though? That means that we want to be there beyond the service that we are providing you today, by preparing you for tomorrow. We might be fixing your phone today, but we want to build that relationship so we can assist you beyond the service we are providing you today. 

Doesn't every company want this? Yes, but we do it differently. By offering you our top notch expertise combined with our small-town values we strive to be more than "the tech business in town" and become "your tech guy" instead. 

Our Philisophy

SurgIT, and all of its locations, have been proudly locally owned and operated since it was founded in early 2020. We strive off of our small-town values, while capitalizing on our big business partnerships. To learn more about us and our team click the button below.

Locally Owned & Operated

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