• SurgIT’s purpose is to support you, your families, and your teams in anyway that we can, and sometimes that means we have to collect personal information. We will only collect, use, or share your personally information for that purpose. And we don’t sell your personally identifiable information to anyone else.

  • The term “personally  information” is used to mean information that identifies, or that can reasonably be linked to, an actual natural person (that’s a real, named human being). We use the stand-alone term “information” to include all types of information, including personally information.


We may collect information relevant to you in three ways.

  • First, we may collect information directly from you. This could be as part of your interactions with SurgIT personnel, such as during in-home visits, phone calls or when you provide information via our digital properties such as our website or other social medias.

  • Second, we will collect such information by observing behavior — either in the “real world” or through our digital properties like websites and other social medias. Our website tracks visitor activities on our sites, and our social media collects the characteristics of the visiting devices.

  • Finally, we may obtain such information from independent third parties, independent of you.

    • You’ve probably seen in the news that the world (especially the internet) has too many fraudsters, hackers, and criminals. We collect and use information to protect our customers in anyway that we can. We will never ask for anything more than a phone number or address over the phone or through our website. ​


We will use your information to meet your expectations and give you a great overall experience with SurgIT. For example, that could be to fulfill a service, provide product, make our website run better, and anything else that betters your overall experience. We will use your information while completing any services to monitor the services we are performing, and to file them in order to keep customer data so we can better support you in the future, and we can look back onto our past interactions with you. 


If you post something on a public forum on our website or on one of our social medias, it should come as no surprise to you that it may be viewed by the general public. 

We may share your personally identifiable information with suppliers or business partners to fulfill your requests or perform on our behalf a contract that we have with you. 

We also may share personally identifiable information in an attempt to enforce our legal rights, in response to a request from law-enforcement authorities, and when we are required to do so by applicable law. Also, please note that if we think that sharing personally identifiable information is going to protect SurgIT or others from harm, that’s what we are going to do. 


Have any questions about our privacy practices? Just ask!​





Privacy Policy: